Why is the business called Dyer Oil Graphics?

Growing up, I had so much fun working as a petroleum distribution technician (I pumped gas) at my dad’s gas station, Dyer Oil. It was the place where everyone came to hang out. Some worked there and others only pretended to work there.

We still love to reminisce about all the adventures we had during the good ol’ days of Dyer Oil. Sadly, the good times came to an end when most of us headed off to college and then Dad sold the station in 1988.

Dyer Oil Graphics pays homage to that era as we try to recapture the fun atmosphere of a time gone by. I’ve always said that if given the opportunity, I would start Dyer Oil back up again, and here we are!



Ronnie's Bio

I have been working in graphic design since 1989 or 1990 (so long ago, it gets fuzzy!). Spending time in creative environments, print shops and mailing houses have given me a great combination of experience to manage every type of project.

Over the years I have done work for many different companies ranging from several local businesses in the Kansas City area, to larger companies like Wal-Mart, Gillette and Office Depot (to name drop a few).

Of course I can handle the creative, but I specialize in production design. Often taking designs others have created and making them work for many different applications.

Basically, I’m a graphics mechanic! Bring me your clunky art and I will get them tuned up and running better than ever.